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Church Session

The leadership of Nantwich Elim Church is set up as is normal under the Elim Pentecostal Church constitution and also our local constitution. The Church Session consists of Pastors, Elders and Deacons. Currently, the 'Session' (or 'Leadership Team') consists of Pastors, Elders and Deacons. Those currently in post are listed below: 


Senior Pastor - Rev. Michelle Nunn

Associate Pastor - Rev. MC Chang

Elder - Claire D'Abreu Hayling

Deacon (Church Secretary) - Peter Bolton

Deacon (Treasurer) - Graham Fenton

Deacon (Children's & Youth Ministry) - Allen Gage

Deacon (Projects) - Ed Ludford

Deacon (Mission's Secretary) - Naomi Munkley

Deacon (Ladies Ministry) - Nicky Spratt

Deacon (Conference Centre Manager) - Graham Talbot


Elder Claire D'Abreu Hayling

Claire is married to Andy, is mother of Stephan (25), Siobhan (16) and Sinead (11), and has worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for 24 years. She has been a member of Nantwich Elim for ten years. Claire previously served at Riverside Community Church, (a satellite church of Kensington Temple) with involvment in worship leading and oversight of children's ministry, and has served in a similar capacity at Nantwich Elim. She now currently serves as Finance Officer.

"I enjoy music, singing, reading, and cooking for my family on the weekends. I work full-time and travel extensively with my job, but God's grace enables me to have a rich and balanced spiritual, family and work life. Phillipians 4:13!"


Deacon Peter Bolton

I have attended Elim Nantwich since I came to Christ in 1990, apart from a short period at St. Chad’s, Wybunbury, where I became their Parish Evangelist after a three year training course.  I served NEC as its first Church Secretary and Deacon in the early 1990’s, and was vice chair, later chair, of the Building Committee which oversaw the establishment of New Life Church in Crewe.  I have led House Groups for more than twenty years, and currently assist with one of our groups in Crewe.  In particular, I have a heart for Men’s Ministry, and, with some assistance, lead our own Men’s Fellowship.  I married Pam in 1958, have three adult children and six grandchildren.  I finally retired from secular work in 2014, after fifty nine years in industry and having survived three redundancies.  Redundancy gave me opportunities to change career, and I have worked in defence electronics, medical x-ray, IT, project management, factory management, general management and specialist admin roles, as well as serving in the Royal Air Force.  The second redundancy taught me that God was in control of my life, and so I came to Christ, and have worked for Him ever since.  A guiding text for me has always been Philippian’s 3:13-14, and it is my intention to serve for as long as it is considered I have something to contribute.


Deacon Naomi Munkley

Naomi is married to Stuart, and is mother of, Rachael.  Together, they have been members Nantwich Elim Church for over 2 years. Naomi is involved in teaching Sunday School, and her family open their home each week to host a youth prayer meeting. She came to England 20 years ago on mission working for 'International Correspondence Institute,' and has worked as a tutor across all acedemic levels. Naomi comes from a strong christian heritage, her father was a Pentecostal Evangelist that God used in the gifts of healing and miracles. "He had a great love for souls and for missions. He taught me the Word of God and how to stand on It."
"I have a heart to see Christians in our church grow strong in the Lord, and live in victory and power according to His Word!"