Missions 2016/17


Aoife on Mission In UK with Youth for Christ (YFC)

Aoife left the first part of September to be part of Stance on the Youth for Christ's one year gap programme. She will be trained in dance and youth work and will travel around to differnt youth groups and schools running lessions, clubs and sharing the gospel. She is working with three other girls and their dance group is called Stance. They are working with a musical group called The Sense and there are in total 10 of them. 

They are being trained in dance, how to give their testimony, basics of evangelism, how to give an assembly, children and lots more. After her training she wrote "I came away with chains broken, a desire to know my Bible better, and a love for the youth of this generation. They have already helped in an YFC evanglism weekend and worked with a youth group. 

Stance and The Sense will be with us 16th-18th June and will be participating in our Kids of Kingdom group, Unite 20's meeting and our Sunday morning Service. Not to be missed!


Beth going on Mission to Senegal. 

Beth is hoping to go to Senegalin July for three weeks. She will be teaching English to children and teachers in a poorly funded school in Dakar. 


Bex on Mission in Tanzania with GO MAKE A DIFFERENCE otherwise known as GO MAD!

Bex is going to Tanzania end of March 2017 for two months. She will be working in schools, helping in an orphanage, helping at a local Anglican church, working in a cafe and possibly doing some building projects. 


Emily, on Mission in Cambodia with Tearfund

In February 2016 Emily went for a 6 month term with a team of 5 other young ladies to work as a volunteer with Tearfund's Global Volunteering Network. They work with Cambodia Hope Organisation (CHO) in Poipet on the border of Cambodia and Thailand. CHO's im is to help children and adults who are at risk in that area, which is a notorius area for child trafficking and also gambling issues. 

Emily worked mostly in the Destiny Cafe where she served and worked. She also taught English, basic and conversational. She also worked in the office, devised a new inventory system and create promo materials for the cafe. All the girls in her group worked in different areas of CHO. There is the Destiny Cafe, Safe Haven School, a primary school for local children and School on a Mat, where teachers fo to the poorest villages that have no school nearby. They also worked on many projects. Te group ran a school for 150 kids 2 days a week. They organised activities for a camp of 130 children. This camp is for anti-trafficking education. The group also worked on preparing a workshop to help villagers figure out which problems are important and how they can solve them. This will make them more independant. 

On her return after 6 months Emily shared a presentation on her experiences at the Millenium Bursary Missions Evening. 



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