Mission in the Community


All About You

This local charity run by Joy Ludford aims to show the love of Christ to its clients. The objective to raise peoples self esteem and help them to feel better about themselves by offering hair, beauty and other treatments. Treatments are high quality and provided free of charge to those referred to 'All About You' by local Pastors and other referees. Treatments are provided to those who have been bereaved, struggling financially, homeless, suffering with post natal depression or eating disorders, those in rehabilitation, refuges or in care, recovering or experiencing long term sickness, the housebound, prisoners and carers. 


Christian Concern Crewe

Established in the late 1980's, Christian Concern, Crewe wants to create a world in which the poor and marginalised regain a sense of their self worth which enables them to be a complete person, body, soul and spirit, and to participate fully in their community. They are founded on the belief that individuals have the resources within their grasp to bring an inspiring and transformational change to their communities. Christian Concern is focused on innovative and enterprising sustainable services that generate hope and confidence in a future yet to be realised - be it a start up business, community association or seeker of new employment. They creaste opportunitie for marginalised individuals by providing resources, facility development and teaching new skills. 

A wide range of activities take place at their premises situated at St Paul's Centre, Hightown, Crewe:

Furniture Collection and Resdistribution to those in Need - Weekly Low Cost Furniture Sales - Furniture Recycling - Community Training Centre - Voluntary Work Opportunities - Conference Facilities - Enterprise Coaching - Community Garden Service


Several members of NEC are involved with this worthwhile local charity:


Chris works full time as the Volunteer Co-ordinator

Joy works at All About You based at 3C's


To find out more about Christian Concern Crewe visit their website: www.christianconcern.org.uk 



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